Marine Services


The Draft Survey is based on the vessel’s initial, intermediate and final draft Inspections. These measurements are carried out by our marine inspector, who on board the ship determines the net displacement suffered by the ship and determines the load based on the ship’s hydrostatic tables and measurements of ballast water and fresh water.

Warehouse Inspection

Before starting loading, a visual inspection of the ship’s cargo spaces is carried out, in order to evaluate their condition, verifying important aspects such as corrosion, cracks, water leaks from the ballast tanks, presence of electrical conductors. and contaminants (water or other material).


A hose with a 12 mm diameter nozzle is used which sends two or three kg/cm2 of sustained pressure at a distance of one meter against the joints.
crosses and the rubber of the peripheral packaging, joints between the sides of the cellar lids, etc., to determine possible leaks between these joints

On Hire
Bunker Survey

This inspection is carried out by our marine inspector, who on board the ship determines the quantities of liquids present in the ship’s tanks, including diesel oil, fuel oil, fresh water, etc.

On Hire holds Conditions Survey / Full Conditions.

This inspection is carried out to certify the physical and operational condition of the ship’s holds. It inspects in detail the structure of the hold, pneumatic system, seals, lids, slides, etc. In full conditions, the inspection is carried out on the entire structure of the vessel, including cranes, engine room, etc.

Field Services

Sampling and
Sample Preparation

Taking and preparing samples according to National and International standards, in stacks or conveyor belts.

Chemical Assurance
and Analysis.

A technical inspector witnesses at all times the performance of both physical and chemical analyzes to certify that said analyzes were carried out in accordance with the quality standard agreed upon in the contract.

Weight control
by ground scale

An inspector witnesses at all times the weighing of trucks leaving during the unloading of the material, recording the measurements. Additionally, the maintenance and calibration certificate of the scale is validated before starting the service.

Quality certification
and Quantity of Shipments

Bias Test for Mechanical Samplers

Technical and Commercial Assistance


Training and qualification

Temperature measurements in batteries, warehouses and conveyor belts

Container Inspection and Sealing

Determination of Real Load Rate

Safe Stowage and Unstuffing of Products

Prueba de estanqueidad, Radioactividad y Lectura de Gases


Information and Documents

Global Inspection and Certification, C.A., will keep the client informed daily about the most relevant events that occurred during the inspection of their product, for which the company is equipped with an electronic communication network (Outlook) that guarantees the timely sending of information. Global Inspection and Certification, C.A. is able to send all its reports, certificates and photographs electronically and physically in accordance with what is stipulated by the client.

Global Inspection and Certification, C.A., will issue the duly numbered documents, reports and certificates.

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